Get Ready for Installation

Thank you for choosing The Home Depot and Carpet Pros to fulfill your flooring needs. There are several areas of the installation process where you need to be fully informed. Outlined below are some of items that need to be taken care of prior to our arrival on your scheduled installation date:

  • Disconnect and move all electronic equipment. We are not permitted to touch any electronic devices. This includes things such as TV’s, computers, routers, motorized couches and chairs, medical beds and sleep number beds.
  • Move all breakables, antiques, glass tables, furniture with glass doors, mirrors, books from shelves, china, lamps, boxes, and all loose personal items away from the installation area
  • Move all waterbeds and aquariums, and disassemble any beds that have a headboard, footboard, or a large frame.
  • Closets and dresser drawers need to be emptied out.
  • Remove all linens from beds.
  • Apart from the items listed above, for a nominal fee we will move furniture such as armoires, entertainment centers, and wall units, as long they can be moved easily by two men. We may not be able to move excessively large furniture.
  • We will not disconnect or reconnect any items or hoses. If you have paid for appliances to be moved, please make sure all gas lines, water lines, and power cords are disconnected before we arrive.
  • We are not permitted to move excessively-heavy items such as pianos, grandfather clocks, marble tables, pool tables, safes, and gym equipment.
  • Remove all wall decorations.
  • All wires will need to be secured so they are not disrupted during the installation.
  • Have your house accessible to power, running water, light, heat, and air conditioning.
  • If installation is in a high-rise building, please inform us of any restricted parking or work hours.
  • Secure all pets and children away from the installation areas or any areas in which the installers may pass through.
  • Someone 18 years or older must be in the house with the installers at all times.
  • If vinyl is being removed, please verify when the existing vinyl was installed. Vinyl installed prior to 1990 will not be removed because it may contain asbestos. If we begin an installation, and upon removal of vinyl, it is apparent that black glue was used, we must stop the installation.
  • It is the responsibility of the customer to remove, re-hang, or shave any doors that will no longer fit with the new product selected if there is a height difference from the existing flooring.